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What's the difference between Irish Queers, the Irish Lesbian &Gay Organization (ILGO) and the Lavender & Green Alliance?

ILGO was a group of Irish immigrants at first, then Irish Americans too, who started protesting queer exclusion in 1991. ILGO no longer exists. Many of the immigrants who founded it have returned to Ireland, where queers are now protected by legislation (in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.)

Irish Queers grew out of ILGO beginning in 1996, organizing civil disobedience, in conjunction with ILGO, within the NYC St. Patrick's parade. As ILGO wound down, Irish Queers determined not to let the bigoted AOH, with its millions of dollars and corporate lawyers, simply wear down the struggle for civil rights. IQ organizes the yearly protests at the NYC St. Patrick's Day Parade, as well as Irish queer cultural activities, Irish self-determination organizing and unity with other queer immigrant/ethnic groups.

Lavender & Green Alliance was formed by Brendan Fay, who left ILGO in 1994 with the idea that, rather than protesting, someone should create an inclusive parade. Lavender & Green is involved in producing the "St. Pat's For All" parade in Queens, NY.

What's the next step?

Irish Queers is investigating the legality of how the St. Patrick's parade is conducted. Although there have been several court cases (including the crucial case where the AOH denied the parade is a celebration of Irishness, claiming instead that it's a religious procession with a right to discriminate) the parade involves so many players and acts of discrimination that we believe there may be further grounds for legal action. That said, Irish Queers has long stated that no amount of court sanctioning or city sponsorship constitutes a "right" to enact blatant discrimination, bigotry and hate.