Same old DUP homophobia

Last Friday, Iris Robinson, MP representing Strangford and Chair of the Northern Ireland Assembly's Health Committee....as well as the wife of new First Minister Peter Robinson, suggested that a man that was viciously queer-bashed and left for dead could be "cured" of his queerness through therapy.

Stephen Scott, 27, was attacked last Wednesday night by 3 youths as he walked home near Ballyduff Brae in Newtownabbey (Co. Antrim). He was treated for broken ribs, as well as head and leg injuries. He spoke to the BBC News and urged other victims of homophobic violence to come forward.

Iris Robinson made her now infamous comments on BBC Radio Ulster, where she graciously offered up a "a lovely psychiatrist who works with me and who tries to help homosexuals turn away from what they are engaged in. He is a Born Again Christian and has links all over the world and I have met people who have been turned around to become heterosexual and who have gone on to get married and raise families."

What the f&*k ever.

She also said homosexuality was "disgusting, nauseous, loathsome, shamefully wicked and vile", that her strong Christian upbringing meant she would never change her views, and nothing would stop her from speaking out on the issue.

Meanwhile, Martina Anderson of Sinn Fein has described the remarks as "outrageous" and claims Mrs. Robinson's comments call into question her ability to chair the Assembly Health Committee. Sinn Fein is calling on Mrs. Robinson to resign as Chair of the committee.