This year's protest - handing it off!

Dear Queers - This year, Irish Queers is handing off the parade protest to some of the committed protesters who have stood alongside IQ for many years. While spectators on the sidelines are vastly more supportive now than they started out 22 years ago, the parade organizers and the Catholic church are intransigent in their bigotry. We still believe it's illegal for the NYPD to march in the parade in their uniformed, official capacity. The fact that they do march underlines how deeply anti-queer bias is entrenched -- it's the same unenlightened police department that terrorizes communities of color with stop and frisk. We hope to challenge that institutional homophobia, and the NYPD's general nonchalance toward New Yorkers' right to their services, with a lawsuit.

For information about this year's protest, email Ed Pass: PassNCO@aol.com.
West side of Fifth Ave between 56th & 57th Sts - 10:45am.
Flyer from this year's ad hoc protest.