De Blasio: Is Bratton trying to pull a Giuliani on you?

(Pic from streetsblog.org.)
Although Commissioner Bratton has flatly ignored the community's letter about the homophobic parade, he did tell a reporter last Friday (2/28) that he plans to march in the 'phobe parade. When asked what message the NYPD is sending the LGBTQ community by joining in a major display of bigotry, Bratton irrelevantly answered: "my sister is gay!" We'll try to remember that next time a homophobic cop harasses/ignores/harms a queer who's asked them for help.

Mayor de Blasio, in response to the same question from a different reporter, replied "I've sent plenty a message to the LGBT community." You heard it here first, queer community, de Blasio has already given you everything you deserve in his first two months in office. The next 3 years and 10 months are feeling very long.

“My own family -- my sister is gay, married in Boston. So I am very comfortable with where I am on gay issues. St. Patrick’s Day Parade for me is a celebration of heritage. “It’s that simple.”


De Blasio: (This transcript was provided to reporters by the Administration.)
Question: You are not marching in the St. Patrick’s Parade –

Mayor: Correct.

Question: However, one of your top commissioners says that he will march, Commissioner Bratton. Is Bratton trying to pull a Giuliani on you?

Mayor: No. It’s his right as an American citizen to make that decision, and I honor his right to do so. And I have said many times, I think he’s an extraordinary police commissioner, I have immense respect for him. And that’s a personal decision he’s made, and I respect it.

Question: But what message does it give to the LGBT community?

Mayor: I think I sent a message from this platform, from this podium, in this office, in this building, that mayors over the last twenty years did not send. So I think I’ve sent plenty a message.