Typo? NYC 'phobes claim Cuomo is joining them. (He's not.)

The NYC St. Patrick's Day parade committee are the guys who tightly control every inch of Fifth Avenue, ripping political stickers off of marchers' jackets, judging any indication of non-straightness a political act of treason against St. Patrick, and making sure no one chews gum lest they get stood in the corner till recess.

Although they're apparently not embarrassed by their raging bigotry, they've been embarrassed every year by a massive boycott of the parade. Most New York politicians wouldn't touch the St. Patrick's Day parade with a 10 foot prod.

This year, having finally lost the Mayor and the City Council to the boycott, it seems they thought they'd scored the Governor. They published the 2014 Line of March with Gov. Cuomo not far behind NYPD Commissioner Bratton.

Either the NYC St. Patrick's parade committe were lying about having secured Cuomo's participation, or they were very, very sadly mistaken. The Governor boycotts the parade.

We think they owe him an apology for implying he would trample the rights of New Yorkers in their "religious freedom"-based march of bigotry.